Welcome to RenewMe

Upon downloading RenewMe, you will come to the meditate page where you may sample some of the free offerings, track previews, and explore different pages and offerings within the app.

Unlocking All Tracks and Features

To unlock premium tracks and features you must subscribe to RenewMe by clicking on any of the lock boxes on the albums or anywhere you see them on the app.

Registration and Free 7- Day Trial

Select your subscription plan, and register for your free 7-Day Trial. After that your account will be charged by Apple according to your plan.

Corporate Codes

If you have a corporate code, you may enter the code for access to RenewMe.

Welcome Page

Following registration a welcome page will appear and if you have a corporate code your corporation’s unique brand logo will also appear and you will be prompted to Begin Your Journey.

Sign Up Page

You will create a username and password and be prompted to enter your corporate code again if you have one.

Motivations and Goals Page

On this page you will be asked what your goals and motivations are so that RenewMe can gain knowledge on how to help you be your best and most balanced self.

Life Balance Test Page

Next is the balance test where you will be asked to rate on a scale from 1 to 10 (1 lowest, 10 highest) the level of life balance you feel in various areas of your life. Please note that your test results will only be as good as the accuracy of your answers. If you press the submit button accidentally on the balance test before you are finished completing the test, the results will only reflect the results of the questions you answered.

Life Balance Results Page

RenewMe app will lead you to a balance test results page which will share with you the results of your strongest element and weakest element at this time, and areas where you may need to work on improvement in order to gain more life balance. By clicking on the “X” on the top right corner, the Home Page will be revealed to you. Note: The test can be re-taken at any time by going to the Home Page.

The Home Page

On your home page you can select music, see your meditation streak, access your Daily RenewMe, Daily Pep Talk, retake the Balance Test, see your strongest and weakest elements, access balance test results and more information about your strongest and weakest elements.

Daily RenewMe and Meditation Streak

RenewMe will choose a unique track for you daily to help you strengthen the area of your weakest element. For instance if you are lacking in Fire, which symbolizes passion and motivation in your life, the audio track will help you begin to create the mindset that will you boost motivation. Once you listen to the track the day you listen will turn orange on the Meditation Streak, so that you can keep track of your unique listens.

Daily Pep Talks

You can click on the link to access a list of your daily pep talk, if you have missed or turned off notifications on your phone for Pep Talks which you should receive daily in the morning.

Opting-In and Opting Out of Pep Talk Notifications

You can click on the notification to open up the Pep Talk screen, or you can opt out of Pep Talks notifications by going to your settings and disabling the daily reminders. Likewise, if you want to enable Pep Talks you can also do this in the settings.

The Meditate Page

The Meditate Page is your access to all our extensive library of audio tracks on a variety of topics narrated by Dr. Lisa Palmer. Topics include but are not limited to living a more balanced life, confidence, self-esteem, body image, motivation, happiness, relationships, wellness, the successful mindset, and skillful thinking and skillful living.

Your Favorites

You will notice a “Heart” on the top left corner. This is a “Favorites” button. By clicking on that you will bring up a screen that will list all your favorites tracks selected.

Scroll of Topics

You will also notice a short scroll of topics or subjects at the top of your screen on subjects like “confidence”, “happiness” “relaxation”. By clicking on a subject you will bring up a screen that will list tracks from all albums in the meditation library with that tag.

Previews, Free Tracks, Premium

All tracks have previews so that you may listen to a clip. Some tracks are free for all users, and other tracks you will need to be a subscriber for an all-access pass to listen the full-length database of tracks and content within RenewMe.

Track Detail Page

When you click on a track you will be lead to a track detail page to listen to the track, as well as “Favorite” the track to add to your “Favorites” library. You may also share the track to friends or on social media so that others can experience the RenewMe with you! When you are finished listening to a track you will be lead back to the “Series Detail Page” and from there you can then go back to the “Meditation Page” to access all the albums or other areas of the app.

Coping Elements Page

The coping skills page will show the different elements. From here you can click on your weakest element. You may also click on other elements to explore what coping skills are related to those elements.

Coping Skills Page

The coping skills list page will show the characteristics of that specific element and list some specific coping skills you can do to enhance that element in your life for a sense of more balance. By clicking the back button you can return to the “Coping Elements Page” and from there you can access other areas of the app.

Goals, Badges, Sparkle Moments Pages

Rules for Goals, Badges, Sparkle Moments Counter

  • You can only click once on each goal per day on the Daily Goals Page.

  • Every time you click on a daily goal, you will get 1 badge for that goal.

  • Upon achieving 7 badges for a goal, you will receive 1 sparkle moment.

  • (So, if you click on “I nurtured myself” 7 times in a week, you will receive 7 badges and 1 sparkle)

The maximum sparkles you can get per month are 4 sparkles per goal.

The counter will reset once per month on the 1st, however your total number of sparkles collected over time will be noted on the “My Monthly Sparkles” Page.

My Daily Goals Page

You will be prompted to select which of the daily goals you have achieved by clicking and lighting up the daily goals. You may one click each goal listed once per day.

My Weekly Badges Page

The weekly badges page displays how many badges you have achieved this month for each goal. You are allowed a max of 7 badges per week per goal.

My Monthly Sparkles Page

This page shows you the number of sparkles you have achieved per goal. Once you achieve 7 badges per goal, you will receive 1 sparkle moment. You can achieve up to 4 sparkle moments a month. The Monthly Sparkles Page will show your number of sparkles for the month.

Total Goals, Badges, Sparkles Counter

You can track your total Goals, Badges, and Sparkles lit in turquoise at the top of the Daily Goals Page, Weekly Badges Page, and Monthly Sparkles Page. Even though the monthly counter will reset on the 1st of the month, your total counts will not be reset.

Music Page

You can select music to listen to while you scroll through the app by clicking on the note symbol on the top right corner wherever you see it on the app. This will lead you to the music page where you can choose healing sounds from our selection of music.

Profile Page

On the profile page you will be able to access a treatment finder and resource links, review the app, help and support, more about RenewMe, and manage your subscription and account settings, and invite friends to RenewMe. If you are a Premium member of RenewMe you will also have access to Soulscape for the mindful traveler.